So in going through a bunch of my art I found all of these beautiful chiffon fabric art prints I created years back. I noticed they’re just in the way and getting kind if wrinkled and ruined being folded up like they are, so I decided I’m going to do a random giveaway of them.

There’s 6 prints I’d like to give away. They are all different sizes. From left to right, there is “Becoming 2” (which is about 11x20), “The Warmth” (about 13x14), “Limbo” (about 6x9), “Sky Over Dayno” (about 35x19), “Do You Get It?” (about 10x15), and “Secret” (about 28x10). They wrinkle very easily, but will unwrinkle just as easily… As long as they are hanging. They can be hung by a dowel put through the top fold as I have (although I will remove my dowels for shipping purposes).

If you want one of these, you have to do a few things!

1. You need to be following me, 

2. You must share/reblog this post, and specify your first and second choice for artworks,

3. You must have your message box/ask box open in case you win so I can get shipping info from you.

That’s it! I’ll have random.org draw 6 random individuals on September 1st, 2014. Thank you and good luck!




10 dollar prints

11 dollar prints

12 dollar prints

takes paypal inquire in pm. 

i’ll add my mini prints eventually… Print Sale! :D reblog forever.

A friend is selling prints to get to a convention. Check!




Oh wow guys! 500 followers! So, what does that mean? Raffle-time!


A free, illustration done at your request by Ashley Almeida! Upon completion you’ll receive a 16x20 inch poster print with a personal message and signature by the artist.

And if our kickstarter reaches its goal of $12,000 you’ll also receive a free copy of "Vertebrae". (woah, signal boost that shit *hint hint*). It ends on Saturday, Jun 6 2014 1:54 AM EDT.


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  • If you reblog AND like the post you’ll be entered twice. You cannot be entered more than twice (per account).
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  • The Raffle ends on: Thursday, Jun 4 2014 1:00 AM EDT

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Réi, the unfinished robot.(I realized I never really drew him 0_0)

He comes from a world where humans build machines as an offering to their gods. Robots are a result of science, art and alchemy combined. The alchemy gives life to the inanimate machine by setting a rune on it’s body, “Réi” is a powerful and ancient rune, if well-built and well-trained, he could become someday Machina Dei.

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i was scrolling and i nearly had a subliminal heart attack when i saw it.

i’ve had this waiting to post since november, i queued it for today, the first day of spring

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As per request (thanks, singingrabbitskull!), I did a half-tutorial, half-sporadic notes on how I generally render basic expressions.

There’s already a lot of cool tutorials that exist on how to do expressions, so I tried to just look at a lot of really minor details that I’ve used but haven’t seen commonly passed down.

required disclaimer: this is just how I go about it, feel free to ignore bits, steal bits, do whatever you want with them. Hope this helps, and if you have any questions scream at my inbox!

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Here’s steps for a painting that was pretty defining for me as an artist. It’s a bit older now, but still gives me feels and feels belong on a tumblr. Took three or so days I believe, all from imagination.

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Just put up a new painting on my Etsy page! Check it out here.


Just put up a new painting on my Etsy page! Check it out here.



You asked for it and now I made one!!! My 1st tumblr tutorial! Woot Woot!!

This is a PaintTool Sail tutorial for basic shading. hopefully it is easy for you to follow :) If not, message me with questions.

And heres a gif for the visual learners:
Gif Version

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